Our Core Principles

Over the past 6 years of our journey at CyroFX, we have embraced a set of five fundamental principles that guide our investment decisions. These principles have evolved and matured since our establishment in 2017. We remain committed to these guidelines, not only during periods of market growth but also during downturns and challenging times.

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Some of the key features & reasons for choosing CyroFX.

33% reserve of funds is held

Due to your trading discipline and reliable income flow, you have been able to set aside 33% of your investment. This demonstrates that you are effectively managing your money in two different ways. By dedicating a set amount, you can ensure that a substantial portion of your investment remains untouched, and it allows for a more monitored and controlled trading approach.

No emotional trading

At Cyrofx Trading Company, we believe that effective trading is based on strategic research and intellectual decision-making rather than being affected by emotional impulses.

We trade using Real-Fact Methodology

Accuracy, dependability, and results serve as the cornerstones of our trading methodology. We take pride in using a "Real Fact Methodology," which sets us apart from the competition in the trading world by emphasizing factual information and tried-and-true tactics.

Fiduciary responsibility

In return for our clients' trust in us and their financial ambitions, we uphold a promise to put their interests first. The foundation of our business practices is this fiduciary duty, which guides all of our decisions and upholds the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

Consistency and discipline

We understand that generating repeatable outcomes necessitates a methodical strategy that goes beyond market highs and lows. Our team of seasoned experts follows tried-and-true procedures built on in-depth study and analysis. A methodical approach protects against rash decisions that may result in unwarranted risks or lost opportunities.