Genesis Cyro Estates FAQ

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Most frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by a client before joining Cyro Estates.
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Genesis Cyro Estates FAQ

Cyro Estates is a revolutionary Real Estate investment company that strategically merges residential, commercial and industrial real estate for unparalleled diversification.

Cyro Estates is the only company in the present market that provides equal opportunities for all people to take part in real estate investment by starting with fractional shares starting at $50 and earning returns in the booming Real Estate business.

Cyro Estates assists in managing investments by cutting extra expenses such as down payments, EMIs, insurance, property taxes and stamp duty.

Cyro Estates stands out with its cohesive team culture, open communication and a commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology for seamless investment processes.

Reginald Wellman

Cyro Estates is incorporated in Great falls Montana, USA

CyroFX's foray into real estate emerged from a strategic partnership between childhood friends—Ashton Alberto, founder of CyroFX and Reginald Wellman. Recognizing the potential for growth and inspired by a flourishing real estate market, they leveraged their combined expertise to diversify CyroFX's portfolio. Reginald found in CyroFx the ideal platform to showcase his talents, resulting in a synergistic collaboration that brought innovation and a fresh perspective to the real estate landscape. Today, CyroFX's venture into residential, commercial and industrial properties stands as a testament to the power of friendship, foresight and seizing opportunities.

Cyro Estates strategically directs its real estate endeavors towards emerging and underdeveloped regions globally. Employing capital to enhance property value, the company follows a prudent approach of investing in areas poised for significant appreciation. Notably, Cyro Estates places particular emphasis on key regions such as Hong Kong, Montana, California, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Berlin and Dubai. These leading locations exhibit a remarkable uptrend in property values, aligning with Cyro Estates vision for lucrative and sustainable real estate investments.

Investing in a Cyro Estates offers several advantages over direct real estate ownership. Firstly, it provides instant diversification by including a variety of properties across different sectors and locations. This diversification helps reduced risk, documentation charges, taxes and liquidity issues and minimizes the impact of underperforming individual properties.

Business summary FAQ

There are no restrictions on the investment amount in Cyro Estates, offering flexibility for investors. The minimum investment to start with Cyro Estates is as low as $50, making real estate accessible to a broad range of individuals. Investors can explore various packages and the maximum investment package extends to $500,000 allowing for the purchase of unlimited multiple packages.

The profit potential at Cyro Estates varies according to the chosen investment package:

  • For Residential Estates investments, the weekly profit yield ratio ranges from 3% to 3.5%.
  • For Commercial Estates investments, the weekly profit yield ratio stands between 3.5% and 4%.
  • For Industrial Estates investments, the weekly profit yield ratio is 4.40%.

After you buy an e-Lot, your package will be activated next day. Every 7 days after that, you'll get income added to your wallet.

If you buy 10 e-lots of residential property on a Tuesday, you'll receive your earnings every week on Wednesday. The money will be credited to your Estate Wallet at 12:01 AM according to Delaware (GMT-5) server time.

  • For Residential E-lots, the lock-in period spans 52 weeks.
  • For Commercial E-lots have a lock-in period of 36 weeks.
  • For Industrial E-lots comes with a lock-in period of 24 weeks.

Yes, affiliate benefits such as referral income and matching income are the same as in CyroFX.

But the capping limit subjects to the plan as mentioned in the Cyro Estates.

Deposit can be made using USDT Trc20, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron and Perfect Money.

Withdrawals are processed in USDT Trc20, Bitcoin and Perfect Money.

Profit withdrawals can be placed twice a month, specifically on the 5th and 20th.

Withdrawals will be processed from 2:30 AM to 06:30 AM and 09:30 AM to 12:30 PM, based on Delaware server time (GMT -4).

Note: Your weekly profit earnings from Cyro Estates will be credited to Estate Wallet.

At Cyro Estates the withdrawal fee is a nominal charge of 8% only.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $14.